Keynotes I’d LOVE to See

Source: PIxar in real life episode:
Acting FCC Chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, Photo credit: Danny Silva
Me, LeVar Burton & Bill Selak (selfie) from original post

Kari Byron, author and Mythbuster on science and curiosity.

Neil Degrasse Tyson, physicist, author and host on the lessons learned by approaching live with the curiosity of a child and discipline of a scientist.

Kimberly Bryant, Scientist, Founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE about the importance of equity in teaching STEM and STEAM subjects.

A conference bookended by twin co-keynoters: Jane & Kelly McGonigal to kick things off with how gameplay in education unlocks the mind and Peter & Paul Reynolds to speak about cultivating creativity in all children.

And of course, I would close it all out with an innovative and inspiring storyteller from the creative minds at Pixar or Disney introduced by Dug.

He’s such a good dog after all.



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Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence

Award-winning educational leader with a demonstrated ability to enthusiastically reinvent organizations. Geek & dad @techmaverick.